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Due to the vast changes in computer pricing we ask that you call for a price. This way you can get the most for your money. All prices are based at the currant market

Call 918-445.1202 for a Quote and let me know how you plan to use your computer and ill find the best Design for you.

Thanks for your patience

To email use click here

For perchases in the state of Oklahoma

We at lightning Systems.Llc have changed are focus to a service you bring use the parts

And we will put your system together are fee is $150.00 for assembly and $10 per kazaa

Download of software or to serf the net for drivers that you are missing we will use all parts from your computer that needs an upgrade that you want we will build you the most for your money as we can all parts are to be purchased by you we will go to are list of distributors and find the best price then we will check best buy comp usa and tell you were to get the best price for all parts needed and we will assemble it.  

For perchases out of the state of Oklahoma

For out of state purchases we will consult to get you the best prices possible to build your computer send us $50.00 and we will find the best price and send you the company selling for that price to get The parts needed if you want use to assemble it will cost a bought $33 to ship use the parts and $33 for use to send The Assembled computer back to you are fee will be $100 you can save $33.00 if you have use purchase the parts so they will be shipped strait to me if you want me to assemble your computer for you click the email button below and ill email you with the prices tell me what you are looking to get and ill get to work to find the lowest prices out there

Lightning 1622 w 46th st Tulsa Oklahoma 74107
Phone 918-906-6157